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armosd49 asked:

Seafoam is a pretty common color in hospitals (as are most pastels) they have a calming effect.Have you watched season 3 of GoT? Also I'm sorry for that entire series, it does not get better. I DID NOT KNOW YOU SHIPPED BLIND BOOMERANG OF LOVE! Also is Kill La Kill good? I have seen some of the costumes and I'm just like "Is that really necessary?" I prefer Emma x Hook. RUMPBELLE!

Is seafoam a thing now?? Most hospitals/clinics I’ve been in have been mildly unpleasant in color. (Not that I need to get sick more often, but maybe I need to see one sometime soon.)

I’ve seen season 3, yeah. Lady Tyrell is wicked intriguing, and I love Arya the more time passes— she’s my girl. BRIENNE AND JAIME THO…. KINDA SHIP IT…. Why are you sorry for Game of Thrones???? I really like it, it just breaks my heart every 4-5 seconds. 

YE TOPH/SOKKA IS SOMETHING I SERIOUSLY YEARN FOR LIKE HOLY HELL. Kill La Kill is made by the same company as Gurren Lagaan, and while it has that same sense of strength and struggle, it’s definitely a different kind of story. I really dig it, and lots of other reputable anime fan-friends of mine do too, sooooooo… you should give it a try. Crunchyroll is updating it pretty regularly. As far as the costumes and outfits, well… they were kind of off-putting for me, too, at the outset but frankly… as opposed to just being fodder for fanboys, they come to embody the power and strength that the women wield, and I honestly really like them. 

armosd49 asked:

6, 15 and 21. For the last survey thing you posted.


6. Name a LEAST favorite of each: food, drink, color.
Food: mashed green peas, uncooked/unprocessed tomatoes, spam
Drink: sake, incidentally. I also don’t like hot drinks that aren’t coffee/hot chocolate. Or lukewarm drinks. You know what, mostly I liked cold drinks. Like I even almost prefer cold coffee. And alcohol that isn’t sweet or sugary. ,:T bitter things. Why do I have so many least favorite drinks omfg
Color: I call them the Sicklies. At first I thought I didn’t have least favorite colors, because they all have so many awesome variations, but what I really don’t like are the sickly shades of all the different colors. Shades you would find in hospitals, or colors you could probably pick out in your own vomit or something. Gross

15. If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you choose and why? 
Honestly, I know this is such a common answer, but a domestic house cat. I look at my cat Jackie and I know she’s just havin a fuckin blast being a cat every day and sittin in peoples laps and eating the little table scraps I give her and chasin shit and sleeping in my bed. Cats have it fuckin made. I’ve never even seen her have a hairball though, like ideally I would come back as Jackie. 


21. Who do you ship?
You sure are brave / have an awful lot of time.
Okay so the real question is, HOW MANY SHIPS DO YOU HAVE and the answer is FAR TOO MANY HOLY SHIT so I’ll just list off some that I’ve been involved in the most lately okay? okay

Kill La Kill : Mako x Gamagoori (just imagine me rolling on the ground)
Parks & Rec : Lesli x Ben, Tom x Lucy, Ron x Diane
Trigun : Milly x Wolfwood (ends in tears)
Kyokai no Kanata : Akihito x Mirai
Fruits Basket : Tohru x Everbody (because leT’S JUST BE REAL HERE)
Hot Gimmick : Hatsumi x Shinogu (because I hate myself)
Once Upon a Time : Emma x August, Rumpelstiltskin x Belle
Game of Thrones : (((((((((((((((((no don’t talk to me)))))))))))))))))
Torchwood : Jack x Gwen x Ianto (or Jack with everyone ever)
The Office (US) : Pam x Jim (A ROLLERCOASTER OF TEARS AND SELF-HATRED), Darryl x Val
Merlin : Merlin x Gwen, Gwen x Lancelot, pretty much Gwen with anyone except Arthur because Just No
Attack on Titan : Jean x Marco 
Princess Jellyfish : Tsukimi x Kuranosuke
Ouran Host Club : Haruhi x Hikaru (i’m a wreck)
Teen Titans : BEAST BOY x RAVEN 
Avatar The Last Airbender : Sokka x Toph 

I have to stop because this list could literally go on forever if I let it

Anonymous asked:

Stop feeding the trolls! <3 no stress = success :D

I wanted to keep this so I could look at it for the next few days, because it’s remarkably pleasant. But then I kind of thought I wanted to post it, so that’s what I’m doing. 

Being that this is generally a personal blog where I just reblog an awful lot and post little as far as my own thoughts, I kinda want to apologize for anyone who had their dash eaten up by last night chaos. 

To my two new followers, welcome to the madness, and I’m so so sorry.

Anyways, my point is that I’m going to try to take it down a notch.
Thanks, anon. 

lilathacrossing asked:

Five facts about yourself? Go, go, gooo …φ(・ω・*)☆・゚:*

uh, ah, uhhhhhhm okAY HERE I GO

  1. The urge to put charms on everything is extremely strong and difficult to ignore
  2. It’s pretty obvious that I like sweet things, but I also really rEALLY enjoy spicy foods!
  3. I have somewhere north of 52 pairs of earrings that I have personally made for myself, although I only regular wear about ten pairs of them
  4. Most of my hobbies are things that I’m only moderately skilled at; but I have an awful lot of hobbies, so it still seems cool to list them off as things that I do.
  5. My name is Diana, which is a Roman version of the Greek goddess Artemis. There was a hunter she loved once, who was named Orion; when her brother killed him, she had a constellation named for him. I have three moles that are spaced between my hips, which reminds me of Orion’s belt. I always thought that was REALLY REALLY COOL!!!!

xsweetchaosx-deactivated2014070 asked:

Hey :) I thought I'd send you a message as you have an awesome blog and you were very encouraging about the giveaway on my AC blog

Wahhh! Thanks so much! cx Although I gotta say, my blog is kind of a huge mess most of the time! It’s a personal blog, but I go through awful phases where I only blog about one kind of thing really heavily for a week, and then revert back to usual. 

Anyways, if you want any help with your giveaway I would be very happy to help you! I’ve never done one myself, but it seems like a lot of fun~~ I hope it works out really well!

Anonymous asked:



(Referring back to the disney princess question thingy…)

This is actually an exceptionally difficult question to answer for me. I’m generally of the opinion that regret is generally not an okay-thing for me to feel. WHICH SOUNDS BAD, BUT LEMME ‘SPLAIN. I generally try to think things through before I do them (even though that’s not always the case), and so I feel like even my poor decisions were learned from and I shouldn’t want to do things differently. Something comes out of all of the things I do, whether they’re great stuff or lesson-y type things! 

If I had to choose something though, it would probably be my lack of involvement earlier on in the boys’ lives. Like, I was there pretty strongly until they were like three/four, but after that I was so sick of my mom that I bailed. And honestly, they needed me. They needed me to be the adult and fight for what was best for them and force her to put them in school and help them get the kind of care they needed. Ultimately, I’m here for them fully now, and that’s important and that’s what matters, is that they have someone. But I do wish they’d had that healthy baseline to start at. :c